Internationale Veranstaltungen

Verschiedene Veranstalter, Sprache Englisch, die meisten der aufgeführten Veranstaltungen finden regelmäßig jedes Jahr statt.


Krishnamurti Study Centre, Brockwood Park

The Krishnamurti Centre offers individual retreats as well as programmes for groups. Group retreats occur over a weekend or for five days during weekdays and a weekend.

The Book of Yourself online course

The course will begin this coming September and run for the next six months. 

The Book of Yourself is a comprehensive study of J. Krishnamurti’s teachings. It consists in fourteen sessions or chapters covering the broad spectrum of Krishnamurti’s insightful journey into the human condition, from the evidence of pervasive fragmentation and conflict to the understanding and transformation of consciousness and the awakening of a deeper, spiritual dimension of being. On the website below you can find a more detailed description of the content of each of these chapters and an introductory video to the course.

Each chapter consists of a selection of texts by Krishnamurti over the theme under study together with a set of Power Point summaries of these texts. Links to videos of Krishnamurti relevant to the theme are also included in the study material. In this new edition of the course, the presentations are prerecorded. The idea is to offer greater flexibility in terms of the schedule so that the participants can follow the course at their own pace. However, in keeping with the participatory nature of our inquiry, the course also includes a series of zoom dialogue meetings where we can go into all these questions together. These meetings will take place on the second and fourth Sundays of the month for the duration of the course.

The cost for the course is €350. Should you like to get the set of recorded presentations, these are available for €70, postage included. Payment can be made via PayPal or directly to the bank account provided. For people in Europe, it is preferable that payments be made via direct bank transfer. Once registration is completed, you will receive an email from me with the passwords to access the course content as well as the zoom link for the live dialogue meetings.

Please see the schedule for these meetings and their suggested topics on the website.

For more information about the provider of the online course, please download the short biography below. 

A Short Biographical Sketch of Javier Gómez Rodriguez.pdf

Veranstaltungen im deutschsprachigen Raum


Zoom-Treffen im Juni 2024

Am 8. und 9. Juni 2024 organisieren wir ein Zoom-Treffen mit Dialogen in Klein- und Großgruppen und ausgesuchten Videoauszügen.

  • Samstag vormittags von 9.30 bis 12:15 Uhr
    nachmittags von 15:30 bis 18.00 Uhr
  • Sonntag nur vormittags von 9.30 bis 12.15 Uhr

Bitte merkt Euch den Termin vor.
Eine Einladung mit Thema und Details zur Anmeldung wird Anfang April an die gesamte Mailingliste verschickt.


  • Erfahrung mit Zoom
  • Jeder Teilnehmer braucht ein eigenes Gerät (PC, Tablet oder Smartphone)
  • Teilnahmegebühr: € 50.–

Wer sich für die Veranstaltungen des Arbeitskreises interessiert, kann sich gerne in die Verteilerliste unserer Rundschreiben aufnehmen lassen. >> eMail schreiben